Azienda Agricola Tenute del Molise

‘Tenute del Molise’ is both a farm and young company with the desire to respect and adhere to ancient traditions while farming the land. Our land is rich and fertile, not only for the products that it gives but, above all, for the strong link with nature that it shows.

azienda agricola tenute del molise

Each product tells the history of our territory, the tie of rural space and the passion for agriculture. It is a cultural heritage that we try to treasure and develop, but above all that we want to share. All the products of Tenute del Molise have perfectly preserved the tradition and passion for the territory, rich in flavours and perfumes.

The farm stretches for around 63 hectares. It is located close to Civitacampomarano (CB) and other surrounding villages. The climate, with its Mediterranean temperature and gentle wind, is suitable for the cultivation of legumes, vegetables, fruit and olive groves. This area of Italy is also characterized by the production of genuine and prestigious oil.

The main goal of the farm Tenute del Molise is to take advantage of all the qualities and benefits offered by the soil to produce excellent food both in flavour and quality.

Natura di qualità

Milling of the olives takes place in oil-mills with a continuous process that enhances the taste and preserves the natural physico-chemical characteristics of the oil.

Olio di oliva pregiato

This process produces an oil with a fruity flavour capable of enhancing its traditional aroma. Its personal character gives all the dishes an ancient and genuine taste.

Prodotti variegati

Our farm produces several exceptional products such as extra-virgin olive oil, chilly oil, oils with truffle and porcini mushrooms; seasonal fruits, dried legumes, jams and other products.


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