Olive oil is the elixir of life, a natural and genuine product obtained by olive pressing. Olive oil a a friend of the heart, an ally for youth and is a powerful antitomoral. It has a characteristic perfume and colour that varies from golden yellow to green.

Olive oil is produced by all the countries with a mediterranean climate. The European Union generates 80% of the world’s olive production. The main countries are Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia and Marocco.

Italian olive oil is one of the best oils for its organoleptic qualities. The oil produced in Molise occupies the 10th place in national production with 57,200 quintals of oil produced (wikipedia data source).

Olive oil is the main ingredient in mediterranean cuisine and is used to season and flavour all kinds of food. In recent years the use of oil in cosmetics has been rediscovered to produce soaps, bath-shower and oil-based shampoos.

Oil has different flavours that can vary due to the type of the olive from which it is produced but also (and above all) from the place of production and the degree of ripeness.

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